academic support


Academic Support Services to Advance Every Learner

Bishop Connolly’s RISE Program offers an array of academic support services to ensure that all learners achieve optimal success in their high school studies. Led by full-time, certified Special Education Director William Hakeem, Jr., a veteran educator with more than 15 years of experience in the field of special education, the RISE Program conducts academic assessments and develops individual success plans aligned with curriculum frameworks at each grade level. Our RISE Program director assists faculty in meeting the unique needs of their students through both individual consultations and professional development sessions. Bishop Connolly’s academic support services team and faculty work together to address learning differences in the classroom so that each student can learn to the best of his/her ability. 


•  Yearlong academic support to reinforce skill development in reading, writing, time management, organization and other key skills needed for success in our college preparatory high school program—and beyond

•  Support and tutoring to address learning gaps, including those resulting from school closures and remote/hybrid instruction during COVID

•  Integration of current IEPs and 504 Plans into the student’s high school course of study

•  Development of student success plans, including classroom modifications and accommodations recommended for the individual learner

•  1:1 academic support and small group instruction available in all academic disciplines

For questions or more information about Bishop Connolly’s RISE Program, please contact Mrs. Megan dos Santos, Vice Principal of Academic Affairs, at 508.676.1071 x356 or