L.E.A.P. Program

Learning Environment Accelerates Potential

Bishop Connolly’s L.E.A.P. Program—Learning Environment Accelerates Potential—allows seventh grade students ready for high school academics to apply for early admission to Connolly. Accepted students join the BCHS academic community in eighth grade and pursue a freshman honors curriculum alongside classmates starting ninth grade. Traditionally, L.E.A.P. students follow a five-year program of studies. After completing the typical four-year high school curriculum in their junior year, L.E.A.P. students can tailor fifth-year coursework to align with their academic interests and college goals. L.E.A.P. seniors can opt to take additional AP classes, design an independent study on a subject of their choice, or pursue internship opportunities, strengthening their high school resume to gain a competitive edge when applying to college.

Throughout their academic journey here, L.E.A.P. students engage in learning activities that demand independence, determination and problem-solving skills in a variety of areas, including language arts, math, creative arts, sports and leadership. The coursework enriches their understanding of subjects as they collaborate with peers on challenging assignments and projects. Also, as official members of the Bishop Connolly community, L.E.A.P. students are eligible to take part in all of our athletic and extracurricular programs.

If you have any questions about the testing or enrollment process for the L.E.A.P. Program, please contact Admissions Director Jo-Ann Bettencourt at 508.676.1071 x 333.

  • L.E.A.P. Graduation Requirements

    Students are required to earn a total of 30 credits to graduate.

    Theology: 5.0 Credits
    English: 5.0 Credits

    Mathematics: 4.0 Credits
    Science: 4.0 Credits

    Social Studies: 4.0 Credits
    World Language: 3.0 Credits

    Visual/Performing Arts: 1.0 Credits
    Physical Education: 1.0 Credits
    Electives: 3.0 Credits

  • L.E.A.P. Program Outcome

    At the culmination of this unique high school experience, Bishop Connolly’s L.E.A.P. students will have strengthened their gifts, maximized their individual potential, and gained the experience necessary to succeed at some of the most competitive colleges and universities worldwide.

L.E.A.P. into your high school career!

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