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Bishop Connolly’s State-of-the-Art Fitness Center Gives Students the Tools to Build Athletic Achievement

A NEW APPROACH TO ATHLETIC TRAINING AT BISHOP CONNOLLY is preparing its Cougars to bring their best to every competition. Following the installation of high-performance cardio and strength training equipment in its fitness center at the start of 2018, Connolly has launched a structured training program designed for its athletes by strength trainer Paul Frost ’13, who also coaches the school’s lacrosse team. Under coach Frost’s direction, Connolly’s teams follow sport-specific regimens that help them build the speed, strength and endurance that moves players to the top of their game.

“The goal of the strength and conditioning program is to prepare our student-athletes for the physical demands of their sports,” said Frost. “It will also give our sports programs an opportunity to flourish within the Mayflower Athletic Conference and on a greater, statewide scale.”

Open each weekday afternoon from 3 to 5 p.m., Connolly’s Fitness Center offers athletes the convenience, equipment and direction they need to define and reach their individual fitness goals. The Center’s new turf room allows teams to stay in top condition by moving practice indoors during inclement weather. The expansive space houses an indoor batting cage, as well as an array of strength training equipment including power sleds, a 50-foot exercise rope, and strength bands.

“The Fitness Center is such a benefit because it allows athletes, no matter what sport they participate in, to train all year long,” said sophomore Michael Croteau. “It also allows them to train in a specialized manner, because there is a broad selection of equipment there.”

Each afternoon, the BCHS Fitness Center pulses with music and motion as student-athletes rotate through their individual training circuits. While workout slots are built into sports practices for Connolly’s in-season teams, the Fitness Center offers the entire student body a convenient space to work out in a properly coached and safe environment built to advance their optimal health

“The greatest benefit is the overall atmosphere it creates for the Bishop Connolly community,” said Frost. “Weight training and physical conditioning will teach students hard work, dedication and respect that they will be able to apply later on in life.”

A three-season athlete on Connolly’s football, basketball and lacrosse teams, Croteau said he is committed to the program because of the impact he has seen in his performance on the field and court. “The training program has helped me personally become bigger, stronger and faster,” said Croteau. “I have learned to do it properly and safely, which has helped me become a better athlete.”

Clockwise from top left, strength trainer Paul Frost spots a BCHS student athlete during training in the Center’s weight room.
Michael Croteau ’21 trains with a power sled in the Center’s spacious turf room.
BCHS girls’ soccer coach Curtis Hibbert runs his team through indoor drills on a rainy October afternoon.

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