the new academy

Academy News

The Fall River Diocese is pleased to announce the creation of a new Academy that will provide a cutting-edge, academically rigorous and Christ-centered educational program for its schools. Bishop Connolly High School and Coyle and Cassidy High School will be the first in the diocese to benefit from participation with the Academy.

Working with a myriad of partners—both highly accomplished colleges and universities as well as generous, innovative family foundations—the Academy will implement a personalized learning model and utilize integrated technology, resulting in significantly higher levels of student achievement.

The Academy grows out of Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha’s initiative: Rebuilding in Faith and Hope! The enhanced curriculum will include the introduction of an innovative STEM education program. STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering and Math—is a progressive, data-driven way to teach research and critical thinking skills, paving the way for our graduates to be extraordinarily well-prepared for their college and career pursuits.